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Chemical Structure Cat. No. Product Name CAS No.
Fosaprepitant (R,R,R)-Isomer Chemical Structure
BCP35236 Fosaprepitant (R,R,R)-Isomer FRI
Fosaprepitant Enantiomer Chemical Structure
BCP35237 Fosaprepitant Enantiomer 1523569-86-9
(2R)-Octyl-α-hydroxyglutarate Chemical Structure
BCP35782 (2R)-Octyl-α-hydroxyglutarate 1391194-67-4
(2R)-Octyl-α-hydroxyglutarate is a modified form of D-isomer 2-Hydroxyglutarate.
7beta-Hydroxycholesterol Chemical Structure
BCP35764 7beta-Hydroxycholesterol 566-27-8
7beta-Hydroxycholesterol is an oxysterol and a 7beta-hydroxy steroid. It derives from a cholesterol.
Desfluoro Fosaprepitant Chemical Structure
BCP35239 Desfluoro Fosaprepitant FDI
Desfluoro Fosaprepitant is an impurity of Fosaprepitant.
Tenofovir Impurity 30 Chemical Structure
BCP11821 Tenofovir Impurity 30 379270-35-6
Tenofovir Impurity 30 is one impurity of Tenofovir.
Hydroxy Medetomidine Chemical Structure
BCP35323 Hydroxy Medetomidine 128366-50-7
3-Hydroxy Medetomidine is a metabolite of Medetomidine.
Remdesivir Related Compound 10 Chemical Structure
BCP31992 Remdesivir Related Compound 10 1354823-36-1
Bupivacaine impurity B Chemical Structure
BCP20922 Bupivacaine impurity B 65797-42-4
Loratadine EP Impurity G Chemical Structure
BCP31809 Loratadine EP Impurity G 38092-89-6
N-Methyl Desloratadine is an intermediate in the synthesis of Loratadine.
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